About us

The Tangasseri-Australian Association is a community based non-profit organization The seeds of our Association were sown when 11 families resident in Melbourne, Australia met in June 1994 and founded this Association,  which has since grown to over 100 families. The concept of family values is highlighted in all our Social activities.

Geographically Tangasseri is a coastal Palm grove that strategically abuts the Arabian Sea and is located at the tip of South India in the State of Kerala. It has a proud history of over 500 years and mainly affected by the Dutch, Portuguese and English who resided in this town over periods of time. These diverse influences together with the vibrant Indian culture has enabled us to successfully migrate and assimilate in different countries like UK, USA, Canada and Australia. The Tangasseri Australian Association is all embracing and fosters multi-culturalism, displaying qualities of respect, trust, and tolerance. Our Committee together with the members volunteer our services in reaching out to the Community socially.

Our activities are an Annual dance, AGM, Hopper night, X’mas Family day celebration, X’mas Dance, Long weekend getaway, an Annual Cricket Match and an Activity for the benefit of the community at large.

The Tangasseri-Australian Association contributes financially to natural disasters. We recently established a Trust fund with the Association in Tangasseri to assist with needy projects. The Association has also contributed towards Breast Cancer research. We formed the Cricket Club for the youth, which is a successful endeavour as they participate in the local grade Cricket Matches. Social outings are also programmed for the Seniors in our Association.

Our objectives are :
1. To promote and foster the culture, family values and traditions of the Tangasseri Community in Australia

2. To provide the members of the Community in general, a Community Hall with Recreational Facilities through Fund Raising activities..

3. To provide elderly citizens of the Community with a Nursing Home/Retirement Village in the foreseeable future.

4. To engage in social and cultural activities that would make possible the establishment and fulfillment of these objectives.

5. To provide facilities for the improved health and well-being of older persons/senior citizens of the community and

6. To establish affiliated groups sponsored by the Association for the benefit of older persons/senior citizens/youth of the community.

We look forward to increasing our membership and welcome anyone interested in joining this Association.

Our registered Office is : 2 Fairview Road, Springvale, Vic 3171 


The Founder Members


The 22 Founder Members who formed the Association

Back Row: L- R : Philroy D'Rozario, Oswin Allen, Pat Cooper, Lioyd D'crus, Herwin Allen, Duncan Bartholmeusz,
Winburne Fernandez, Jim Allen, Harold Gonsalvez, Grenville D'Crus, Osmund Bartholmeusz

Front Row L- R: Ann D'Rozario, Linda Allen, Avelyn Cooper, Celine D'Crus, Jennifer Allen, Rose Bartholmeusz, Flavy Fernandez, Trudy Allen, Flossy Gonsalvez, Zita D'Crus, Dilys Bartholmeusz

Our Association comprises of a Management Committee and an Executive Committee.

The Management committee comprises of Founder Members while the Executive Committee comprises of :

President - Mr Herwin Allen
Vice President - Mrs Rose Bartholomeusz
Secretary - Mr Grenville D’Crus
Asst. Secretary -Mr. Philip D'Rozario
Treasurer - Mr Winburne Fernandez
Public Officer - Mr Lloyd D’Crus
Committee Member - Mr Don Gresseux
Committee Member - Mr Roy McNerney
Committee Member - Mr Osmond Bartholomeusz
Committee Member - Mr Harold Gonsalvez
Committee Member - Mrs Avelyn Cooper
Committee Member - Mr Clyde Harding
Nominated Member - Mrs Linda Allen
Nominated member - Mr Jim Allen